Alaska Air (Alaska Airlines) and Horizon Air workers can access the company’s travel policies and booking tools via the Paperless Employee Travel (PET) web interface, found at AlaskasWorld. Through this online interface, workers may easily and quickly view all of their travel information and make any necessary changes.


The AlaskasWorld portal is a one-stop shop for information on the state of Alaska. Here, you can look up everything from flight times and employee schedules to breaking news and upcoming events. Employees can also book paperless business trips through this service.

Registration for AlaskasWorld Portal

With a few simple clicks, you can enter the AlaskasWorld PET site. Simply creating an account on the central hub is sufficient. The following instructions will lead you through the process:

  • The first step is to check out AlaskasWorld’s website.
  • Please proceed by clicking the “Register” button.
  • One can fill out a registration form on this portal.
  • Please include information about yourself here, including name, email address, and contact details.
  • There is also a requirement to provide the username and password.
  • After you’ve finished, click the “Register” button.
  • A notice approving your registration will show up on your screen. To use the features of this portal, you must first log in.

AlaskasWorld Portal Login Instructions

A valid Alaskasworld login is required to access the Alaskasworld PET website. Simply comply with the instructions below to access your account:

  • Visit www.alaskasworld.com to view the official AlaskasWorld site.
  • You’ll notice a button labelled “Login”; select it.
  • To access AlaskasWorld, a new tab or window will open in your browser.
  • The two text boxes below require you to enter your username and password.
  • To access AlaskasWorld PET Login, enter the username and password you created when you signed up.
  • After submitting the information, double check it.
  • To sign in, please click the button below.
  • If everything checks out, you’ll be taken straight to your AlaskasWorld account dashboard. All of the portal’s features are at your disposal from this point on.

When an employee is hired on at either Alaska Air or Horizon Air, they are given a unique ID and password to access internal systems. All staff members now have access to the AlaskasWorld interface and flight management tools with these credentials.