AlaskasWorld is a secure online hub where staff members can go to examine and manage their work schedules on a regular basis. When it comes to fleet size, annual passenger volume, and total number of destinations covered, Alaska Airlines ranks among the country’s top carriers. Plus, they provide links between Alaska and over a hundred locations in the continental United States, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I provide the username for my AlaskasWorld account when I sign into this portal?

After you’ve worked for Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air, they’ll give you a unique username to use on their systems. If you are experiencing trouble locating your Alaska Human Resources username, please contact them.

I’m experiencing problems gaining access to the AlaskasWorld portal. How can I contact the customer service team?

There are a number of methods to get in touch with Alaska Airlines’ support team. Some of these are shown as examples below:

  • Please contact technical support if you need any help.
  • During regular business hours, you can reach the AlaskasWorld support team at 1-877-238-1077.
  • You can email Alaska Media Relations at [email protected]
  • You may also send mail to PO Box 68900, Seattle, Washington 98168, USA.

What is the objective of the Alaskas World portal?

You can use this system to get alerted when something happens that could affect your job, where you are, how your computer is functioning, or the overall office atmosphere. To keep you as informed as possible, administrators will send you alerts if this sort of thing occurs.

I misplaced my password. Can I reset or retrieve it?

You can quickly change your password if you’ve forgotten it. To modify your password, return to the Login page by clicking Log back in. To have your password reset, follow this link, input your email address, and then check your inbox.

When Linious Mcgee saw a need for a reliable airline to Alaska, he started Alaska Airlines in 1932. SeaTac, Washington is home to the company’s present headquarters. Currently, Ben Minicucci is the President and Chief Operating Officer, and Brad Tilden is the Chief Executive Officer (COO).