Employee Benefits

Workers at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air must use AlaskasWorld, the company’s official intranet, to access company resources. The portal has many functions to ensure the greatest possible service to the company’s employees.


The fifth largest airline in the United States of America is constantly working to satisfy its consumers with its staff of more than 16,000. As a result, the business has chosen to provide supplementary perks to all staff members. The AlaskasWorld Portal is a great resource for employees to learn more about these. Employees are eligible for the aforementioned perks.

Health Benefits:

  • The company offers a wide variety of supplementary insurance plans, including those for dental care, vision care, life insurance, accidental dismemberment, and death in the workplace. The corporation provides life insurance for its employees and their families.
  • All of the staff members have access to FSAs to use as emergency savings accounts.
  • Additionally, the corporation will provide a health savings account that workers may use to pay for medical expenses.

Financial Benefits:

  • Retirement savings plan supported by employer contributions
  • Financial incentives are provided on a quarterly and yearly basis.
  • time off with pay
  • Stock Purchase Program for Employees
  • There are huge discounts available to employees of major travel organisations and stores.
  • Employees’ charitable contributions are matched by the company.
  • Affiliates of Alaska Air Group Federal Credit Union

Travel Privileges:

  • Employees of Alaska and Horizon, as well as their immediate family members, are entitled to unrestricted free travel at any time.
  • It costs money and has restrictions to fly standby on other airlines.
  • Staff members will be eligible for discounted or free trips to Alaska and Horizon.
  • Prices will go down for flights with Alaska and Horizon.

Professional Development:

  • Ascend programmes ensure a smooth transfer from Horizon to Alaska. Pilots and flight attendants can participate in Ascend training right now.
  • Employee training and leadership development courses.
  • Scholarship applications are open to employees and their immediate relatives.

Other Benefits:

  • Employee appreciation programmes
  • Occasionally, the corporation may throw a special event just for the employees and their families.
  • Employees are eligible to enter a raffle for tickets to major events such as concerts, musicals, and professional sporting events.
  • Celebrations of a career and retirement
  • Volunteering opportunities at major community events